Großmütterkreis der Externsteine Hüterinnen des Friedensbündels                       
Friedenskosmogramm - Paris
Friedenskosmogramm - Paris 11/ 2015  Kosmogramme    sind    energetische    Zeichen,    die    eine    Art universelle   Sprache   sprechen,   die   jenseits   der   Logik   unseres Verstandes von allen Wesen verstanden werden kann. Großmutter   Annette   hatte   schon   im   Jahr   2014   während   des Großmüttertreffens    im    Beginenhof    bei    Großmutter    Sigrun eine    Vision    zum    Eiffelturm.    Als    im    November    2015    die Terroranschläge   in   Paris   die   Welt   erschütterten,   erinnerte   sie sich    daran.    In    den    sozialen    Medien    machte    das    zum Eiffelturm   veränderte   Peace-Zeichen,   s.   unten,   die   Runde. Großmutter      Annette      fühlte      sich      aufgefordert,      das Friedenskosmogramm    zum    Eiffelturm    zu    entwickeln.    Am 29.11.15   gerade   rechtzeitig   vor   der   Weltklimakonferenz   in Paris     wurde     dieses     fertig,     s.     links.     Möge     es     seine Friedensbotschaft auch in dieser Weise in die Welt senden! Die    Stimme    der    indigenen    Bevölkerung während der Klimakonferenz in Paris Sie   spricht   eindringlich   davon,   dass   es   nicht mehr    um    Wandel    sondern    ums    Überleben geht! Indigenous   Peoples   Release   Joint   Statement   to   UN Talks in Paris on Climate Change by Native News Online Staff / Currents / 30 Nov 2015 U.N.    Climate    Change    Convention    in    the    Natural    History Museum in Paris Published November 30, 2015 PARIS   –   Thousands   are   gathered   in   Paris   for   the   United Nation’s   climate   talks   that   began   today,   November   30   and will    run    through    December    11,    2015.    Among    the    world leaders    in    Paris,    including    President    Barack    Obama,    are indigenous peoples from around the world. The   SPIRET   Foundation   released   the   following   statement   to the   media   overnight   that   provides   a   voice   to   the   indigenous peoples of the North America:   Indigenous Elders And Medicine Peoples Council Statement United Nations Convention on Climate Change COP21 Paris, France November 30, 2015 – December 11, 2015 This   statement   reflects   the   wisdom   of   the   Spiritual   People   of   the   Earth,   of   the   four   directions,   working   in   unity   to   restore peace,   harmony   and   balance   for   our   collective   future   and   for   all   living   beings.   This   statement   is   written   in   black   and white with a foreign language that is not our own and does not convey the full depth of our concerns. All   Creation   has   a   right   to   live   and   survive   on   this   Sacred   Earth   and   raise   their   Families   where   the   Creator placed them to be. The   Creator   created   the   People   of   the   Earth   out   of   the   Land   and   gave   us   a   Way   of   Life.   This   Sacred   Way   of   Life   has   been passed   down   generation-to-generation   since   the   beginning   of   the   Creation   of   Life.   The   sanctity   of   this   Way   of   Life   has been   violated   and   abused   by   people   who   are   living   without   regard   for   the   well   being   of   Mother   Earth   and   our   collective future. We,   the   Original   Caretakers   of   Mother   Earth,   have   no   choice   but   to   follow   and   uphold   the   Natural   Law,   which   sustains the   continuity   of   Life.   We   recognize   our   umbilical   connection   to   Mother   Earth   and   understand   that   she   is   the   source   of life,   not   a   resource   to   be   exploited.   We   speak   on   behalf   of   all   Creation   today,   to   communicate   an   urgent   message   that man has gone too far, placing us in the state of survival. There   is   no   more   time   for   discussion   on   preventing   “Climate   Change”.   That   opportunity   has   passed.   “Climate   Change”   is here.   The   Air   is   not   the   same   anymore.   The   Water   is   not   the   same   anymore.   The   Earth   is   not   the   same   anymore.   The Clouds   are   not   the   same   anymore.   The   Rain   is   not   the   same   anymore.   The   Trees,   the   Plants,   the   Animals,   Birds,   Fish, Insects   and   all   the   others   are   not   the   same   anymore.   All   that   is   Sacred   in   Life   is   vanishing   because   of   our   actions.   The truth is we have moved beyond climate change to survival. We’ve   entered   the   state   of   survival   because   of   the   magnitude   of   the   desecration,   damage,   and   destruction to the Creator’s Sacred Creation. The   COP21   Climate   Summit   in   Paris,   France   is   being   held   to   contemplate   strategies   to   prevent   more   than   two   degrees Celsius   of   warming.   Though   this   is   important,   it   is   not   nearly   enough.   To   truly   heal   Mother   Earth   and   ensure   our   survival, we   must   recognize   that   the   entire   natural   system   is   one   life   system   rather   than   fragmented   parts.   Our   concern   is   with the   acceleration   of   the   cumulative   and   compounding   devastation   that   is   being   wrought   by   the   actions   of   people   around the   world.   Modern   living   and   all   that   it   encompasses   does   not   respect   the   Sacredness   of   Life   and   has   ruptured   the sacred   seal   around   the   Earth.   This   has   contributed   to   extreme   weather   patterns   and   the   melting   of   the   Ice   –   the   sacred cooling   system   of   Mother   Earth.   Man-made   creations   of   vehicles,   trains,   railroads,   airplanes,   bullets,   guns,   weapons, spaceships,   building   of   high   rise   towers,   shopping   malls,   pipelines,   roads,   slaughtering   of   animals   for   recreation,   the genetic   alteration   and   pollution   of   our   food   and   water   sources,   introduction   of   invasive   species,   drilling   and   digging   deep into   Mother   Earth,   and   into   the   mountains   for   oil,   gas,   gold,   silver,   minerals,   precious   stones,   coal   and   uranium,   and   all the   others.   Changing   whole   ecosystems   forever   by   draining   wetlands,   changing   the   course   of   rivers,   clear   cutting   of forests,   damming   rivers   and   flooding   lands   to   cool   nuclear   reactors   and   natural   gas   plants,   damming   rivers   for hydroelectric   power,   using   rivers   and   lakes   for   dumping   toxic   chemicals   and   sewage,   polluting   the   Earth   and   Oceans   with toxic   chemicals   and   waste   and   piling   up   and   burying   garbage   has   contaminated   and   polluted   our   Earth.   All   these   actions and more created Climate Change. Aboriginal   Indigenous   Peoples   have   seen   first-hand   the   impacts   these   destructive   actions   have   had   on   our   sacred   places and   the   natural   world.   We   have   sent   out   messages   to   the   people   of   this   world   warning   that   “this   dark   time”   or   “this   day” would   come   if   the   people   did   not   immediately   stop   their   destructive   activities   and   re-align   themselves   in   harmony   and balance   with   the   Creator’s   Natural   Law.   Our   messages   of   prophecy   fell   on   deaf   ears   and   remained   unseen   by   eyes blinded   by   money,   greed   and   power.   Today,   we   lack   leadership.   We   have   misplaced   our   trust   in   governmental   leaders and   the   leaders   of   industry.   They   failed   us   by   trying   to   maintain   their   profits,   economies   and   their   power   over   the people.   Their   lack   of   action   to   adequately   and   seriously   work   to   prevent   “climate   change”   has   brought   us   to   the   state   of survival,   threatening   the   collective   future   of   All   Life.   Leaders   meeting   in   Paris   have   a   responsibility   to   create   real solutions   and   do   something   right   for   the   future   of   all   life.   We   strongly   urge   all   leaders   to   work   and   consult   with   us,   the spiritual   people   of   the   Earth,   to   solve   the   world’s   problems,   without   war.   We,   the   Original   Caretakers   of   Mother   Earth, offer   our   spiritual   insight,   wisdom   and   vision   to   the   global   community   to   help   guide   the   actions   needed   to   overcome   the current   threats   to   all   life   and   shift   from   the   path   of   self-destruction   to   the   path   of   peace,   harmony   and   balance   with   All Creation. The   people   of   the   world   cannot   continue   to   ignore   Aboriginal   Indigenous   Peoples,   the   Natural   System   of Life, the Natural Law and our connection with All Life. We   cannot   live   on   the   Moon   or   Mars   so   people   must   change   their   behavior.   We   must   sacrifice   and   move   beyond   our   own comforts   and   pleasures.   We   must   stop   the   damaging   activities   and   begin   working   on   healing   the   natural   environment   for the future of All Life. To date, the Sacred has been excluded from all discussions and decisions. TO   SURVIVE   CLIMATE   CHANGE   AND   SEE   THE   FUTURE   WE   MUST   HEAL   THE   SACRED   IN   OURSELVES   AND INCLUDE THE SACREDNESS OF ALL LIFE IN OUR DISCUSSIONS, DECISIONS AND ACTIONS. We   must   heal   the   Sacredness   within   ourselves,   within   our   families,   within   our   communities   and   within   our   Nations.   We must   respect,   follow   and   uphold   the   Creator’s   Natural   Law   as   a   foundation   for   all   decision-making,   from   this   point forward.   This   begins   with   a   deep   respect   and   understanding   of   the   human   life   cycle.   To   bring   sacredness   back   into   this cycle,   human   beings   must   bring   forth   life   in   a   conscious   way,   honoring   our   sacred   obligation   to   care   for   that   life.   With the   creation   of   life   comes   a   responsibility   to   ensure   the   care   and   survival   of   that   life   throughout   the   lifespan   of   the   child. When   we   bring   forth   life   haphazardly   and   without   sacredness,   with   no   concern   for   how   that   life   will   be   sustained,   we violate   our   sacred   responsibility   and   bring   imbalance   to   Mother   Earth.   We   must   restore   our   balance   with   Creation   and respect the sacredness of our sexuality, and our ability to bring new life into this world. World   leaders   in   Paris   must   lead   us   away   from   the   commodification   of   Mother   Earth,   which   places   our   lives and our future on an unstable foundation based on money, greed and power. We   must   open   our   hearts   to   Love,   Care   and   have   Respect   for   one   another   and   All   Creation   to   create   peace.   No   one   can survive   without   clean   Air,   clean   Water,   and   a   clean   Earth.   We   cannot   breathe   money,   we   cannot   eat   or   drink   money.   The people   of   the   world   must   recognize   that   man   made   laws   have   failed   us   and   will   continue   to   fail   us,   because   those   laws attempt   to   place   profit   and   power   over   our   sacred   obligation   to   All   Life   and   our   shared   future.   Those   seeking   profit   and power   have   created   a   business   of   war   and   destruction   that   now   threatens   the   lives   of   billions   around   the   world.   It   is   time to address this spiritual illness and begin the process of healing, together. Aboriginal   Indigenous   Elders   and   Medicine   Peoples   are   not   scientists,   but   we   do   have   a   connection   to   the   source   of   Truth and   Life,   we   have   our   “Prophecies“   and   the   “Signs”   of   disharmony.   All   of   these   sources   of   knowledge   tell   us   clearly   what will   happen   if   we   do   not   change   our   behavior.   All   of   the   things   that   are   happening   today   are   the   very   same   things   that were spoken of in the earlier days, the very things that the Creator warned would happen, if we   failed   to   respect   and   follow   His   Natural   Law.   There   are   scientists   and   experts   that   know   the   scientific   reality   of   what is   going   on.   They   know   that   life   will   vanish   if   we   continue   in   the   direction   we   are   going.   These   scientist   and   experts   must speak the truth to the people and not be controlled by those that provide their paychecks. Neither    world    leaders    nor    modern    institutions    have    the    tools    to    adequately    address    climate    change. Indigenous peoples must be included. We   are   all   responsible   and   we   are   all   capable   of   creating   a   new   path   forward   with   new   sources   of   energy   that   do   not harm   the   people   or   the   Earth.   We   are   obligated   to   all   take   action   now   to   protect   what   is   left   of   the   Sacredness   of   Water and   Life.   We   can   no   longer   wait   for   solutions   from   governmental   and   corporate   leaders.   We   must   all   take   action   and responsibility   to   restore   a   healthy   relationship   with   each   other   and   Mother   Earth.   Each   of   us   is   put   here   in   this   time   and this   place   to   personally   decide   the   future   of   humankind.   Did   you   think   the   Creator   would   create   unnecessary   people   in   a time   of   such   terrible   danger?   Know   that   you   yourself   are   essential   to   this   World.   Believe   that!   Understand   both   the blessing   and   the   burden   of   that.   You   yourself   are   desperately   needed   to   save   the   soul   of   this   World.   Do   you   think   you were put here for something less? Water is Life We   are   the   People   of   the   Earth   united   under   the   Creator’s   Law,   with   a   sacred   covenant   to   follow   and   uphold   and   a   sacred responsibility   to   extend   Life   for   all   future   generations.   We   are   from   various   Nations   and   we   are   spiritually   related.   We   will not   be   divided   by   any   terminology   that   defines   us   as   “recognized”   or   “unrecognized”,   by   the   Government   of   the   United States   or   any   other   body.   We   are   expressing   deep   concern   for   our   shared   future   and   urge   everyone   to   awaken   spiritually and   take   action.   It   is   critical   that   we   come   together   with   good   minds   and   prayer   as   a   global   community   of   all   faiths,   to honor   the   Creator   and   the   Creator’s   Gift.   We   must   work   in   unity   to   help   Mother   Earth   heal   so   that   she   can   bring   back balance and harmony for all her children. Representatives of the Council Chief   Arvol   Looking   Horse   19th   Generation   Keeper   of   the   Sacred   White   Buffalo   Calf   Pipe   Spiritual   Leader   The   Great Sioux Nation Peoples Bobby C. Billie Clan Leader and Spiritual Leader Council of the Original Miccosukee Simanolee Nation Aboriginal Faith   Spotted   Eagle   Tunkan   Inajin   WinBrave   Heart   Society   Grandmother/Headswoman   &   Ihanktonwan   Treaty   Council Ihanktonwan Dakota from the Oceti Sakowin 7 Council Fires Leland Grass, Dine’ Traditionalist